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Month: July, 2010

compound words that sound better flipmoded

every­day words are bor­ing and com­mon­place but just a lit­tle adjust­ment and they become awe­some: land­lord: lord of land fire­man: man of fire! post­man: man of post!! milk­man: man of milk!!!!! chair­man: man of chair… zomg this thing is gold. human being: being human … so spir­i­tual flood­lights: lights of flood… ok, scratch that one gold­fish: fish of gold!! we’re back […]

Raised and Braised

This TV show would pit eight con­tes­tants in charge of look­ing after three lit­tle lambs. Over the weeks they would com­pete in var­i­ous chal­lenges to earn bet­ter liv­ing con­di­tions for their lambs. The lambs would start in a pretty bare barn and then end up in the lap of lux­ury (say nou­veau riche fairy tale […]

Angry Panda

[wp_campaign_1] Some­times, or always, when I can’t find some­thing like my keys or wal­let I grow so incred­i­bly angry that I want to break every­thing in my house, espe­cially the object I can’t find think­ing that it has some­how become sen­tient and pur­pose­fully hid­den itself as to avoid detec­tion and incur my wrath. But once […]

Smash Shop

Every­one gets a lit­tle bit frus­trated in life, from wait­ing for traf­fic lights, to being unable to find their keys and their life in gen­eral. Stress is one of the biggest prob­lems for med­ical prac­ti­tion­ers these days with stress cited as a large cause of fam­ily unrest, links to fur­ther men­tal insta­bil­ity and poor health. […]

Questions to ask a Christian

Why are peo­ple men­tal? Or, more to the point, why are peo­ple Chris­tians? Obvi­ously you can sub­sti­tute Chris­tians with any other reli­gion you like but let’s stick with Chris­tian­ity ‘cos they’re def­i­nitely the most men­tal of all. There are so many ways to attack the belief sys­tem of Chris­tian­ity it would be almost wrong if […]