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Month: January, 2012

An Open Letter to Steven Spielberg

Hi Steven, Can you please stop direct­ing films that have Ger­man sol­diers in them. It is a prob­lem with the baby boomer gen­er­a­tion but any­one born post 1960 just doesn’t care about them. You on the other hand, appear to have a bizarre fas­ci­na­tion, some might say a fetish with our grey uni­formed Deutsche chums. […]

ITV dredges up Titanic for show no one wanted

And lo’ ITV has decided that what the peo­ple want is more period drama bol­locks. Not con­tent with Down­ton Abbey and its incred­i­ble propen­sity for expo­si­tion [“Oh golly, I can’t be upstairs, I’m a ser­vant and I can’t be on this floor. — Yes, you bet­ter get back down before his Lord­ship finds out.”] they […]