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Idea for a new national lottery

So this is an idea I’ve had for an age — it involves the redis­tri­b­u­tion of the nation’s wealth through a weekly lot­tery. The idea is that each tax­payer is charged £1 per week for the chance to become a mil­lion­aire. In the UK, there are about 30 mil­lion tax­pay­ers and so each week we […]

Fight Cancer with your very own Tumour Piñata

So this is really a cos­tume or video game boss idea but really I’m sure it’ll work in a num­ber of envi­ron­ments includ­ing the class­room. Essen­tially the con­cept of the Tumour Piñata is this: a per­son climbs into this papier-mâché thing that is loaded with sweets and corn syrup blood. It looks like a big […]

Saving the UK Newspaper Industry

The sim­plest way to save jobs and pro­tect the qual­ity of edi­to­r­ial con­tent is to charge read­ers. How­ever if a poorly imple­mented online pay­wall is installed as that by The Times, it is appar­ent that read­ers sim­ply stop engag­ing with that online edi­tion and move else­where for news. The FT has a strong online subscription […]

Video games, the art form for the 21st century?

With films going the way of all action no plot and a lot of mod­ern art so inane, per­haps it is time for video games to become the art form of the 21st cen­tury. Films com­bine sto­ry­telling and char­ac­ter analy­sis with a stark visual styles that have the power to astound, but this type of […]

London Underground Map 2011

The tube in cen­tral Lon­don is a mess, no more so than the Ham­mer­smith and City Line that is the only line in all the world that doesn’t tell you how long it will be until the next train arrives. I’d be will­ing to wager that out­side of rush hour, every train on the pink […]

Yahoo Answers

Why can’t I make gravy? Why do head­phone wires always form knots when you put them down for a sec­ond? Why do I like songs sung by females giv­ing empow­er­ing advice to other females? Why can I never find my socks? What hap­pens when a tor­nado meets a vol­cano? Why aren’t new films bet­ter than […]


IV seems, like Chi­nese super­sti­tion, to be the death of all when it comes to movies. Indi­ana Jones and the King­dom of the Crys­tal Skull was so bad South Park had George Lucas and Steven Spiel­berg rap­ing Indy. Star Wars Episode I gave us Jar-Jar Binks the sin­gle most hated char­ac­ter in movie his­tory. Superman […]

The other month in class, we were tak­ing phở­tos to put in the kids jour­nals and there was a photo of my co-teacher and a stu­dent with their backs turned towards the cam­era. You couldn’t see either face, just the back and I won­dered which was the stu­dent and which was the teacher. You really […]

compound words that sound better flipmoded

every­day words are bor­ing and com­mon­place but just a lit­tle adjust­ment and they become awe­some: land­lord: lord of land fire­man: man of fire! post­man: man of post!! milk­man: man of milk!!!!! chair­man: man of chair… zomg this thing is gold. human being: being human … so spir­i­tual flood­lights: lights of flood… ok, scratch that one gold­fish: fish of gold!! we’re back […]

Raised and Braised

This TV show would pit eight con­tes­tants in charge of look­ing after three lit­tle lambs. Over the weeks they would com­pete in var­i­ous chal­lenges to earn bet­ter liv­ing con­di­tions for their lambs. The lambs would start in a pretty bare barn and then end up in the lap of lux­ury (say nou­veau riche fairy tale […]