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Despicable Me 2 and date rape?!

Halfway through Despi­ca­ble Me 2, our hero Gru ends up on a date with a bimbo, Shan­non. She gets drugged by the hero’s even­tual love inter­est, Lucy who says, “I guess we should take her home.” They then take her slack body out, make her wave to a cop that she’s ok, and stick her on […]

The disappointing ending of Dishonored, alterate offered

There is some­thing amiss about the end­ing of Dis­hon­ored. After being dou­ble (dou­ble?) crossed, you stealth up to face those that wronged you, ready for a bat­tle, only to find that Have­lock has killed every­one involved with the con­spir­acy. There was no final bat­tle, no last hur­rah, noth­ing. Just res­ig­na­tion from Have­lock for his actions […]

Introducing the universal button layout for games

Okay game devel­op­ers, it’s time you all came together and agreed upon a uni­fied con­trol sys­tem for all con­sole games. Look at the great work the GSMA has done with tele­fony with all their stan­dards — hell even mobile charg­ers are all the same now (bar greedy, greedy Apple). We urgently need to do the […]

Taiwan Food Attack Part 3 — Snacking

Per­haps the clos­est the Tai­wanese get to a national dish is Beef Noo­dle Soup but even this isn’t eaten uni­ver­sally as many of the country’s Bud­dhists won’t eat beef. Instead the coun­try has a vast snack­ing cul­ture where you can buy all man­ner of street food for next to no money. Unlike Japan, which specialises […]

Facebook founding fathers?

A lot of good stuff, real good stuff has been writ­ten about Face­book, cul­mi­nat­ing in the movie adap­ta­tion The Social Net­work but no one has really got to the crux of the debate of just who Mark Zucker­berg really is. A recluse? A mis­un­der­stood genius? A nice-guy-really-don’t-believe-the-movie-hype? Or is he, really, Lord Bernard Stuart!?!?!?!1!! This […]

Pink Cigar Music

Please add the songs you want. When you’ve made your choice, refresh the page and you’ll be able to check­out and down­load from there. [eshop_show_cart] If you’ve never heard them, their music can be found on their MySpace Pink Cigar page.

DJ Applejuice is back!

Many years ago, I bought some decks and taught myself how to DJ. Only I wasn’t very good (tech­ni­cally and taste-wise). After years I still made errors but it was fun all the same. My friend had this mix of mine from 2002 and lis­ten­ing to it brings back a lot of mem­o­ries. For­give the, […]

It’s just one Christian, where’s the harm in that?!”

[wp_campaign_1] Human rights groups were up in arms today as it was revealed that Jews have been secretly killing Chris­tians to prac­tice one of the lesser known fes­ti­vals of Mak’Dash. Accord­ing to reports, this once-yearly rit­ual has been going on for cen­turies and only came to light recently as one of the Chris­t­ian sched­uled to […]

Jamie Oliver’s Toothpaste Revolution

[wp_campaign_1] After the suc­cess of Jamie Oliver’s Food Rev­o­lu­tion, the celebrity British chef has seem­ingly let it all get the bet­ter of him with the launch of Jamie Oliver’s Tooth­paste Rev­o­lu­tion. Oliver was astounded to learn that despite his one man war machine of momen­tum against the processed food indus­try, oth­ers had failed to heed […]