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The Returned succumbs to second season bunkum

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah­h­h­h­h­h­h­h­h­h­hhh you know what is not cool? Lazy cliffhanger end­ings. Hello Home­land and your bomb didn’t detenoate bull­shit; Game of Thrones’ two and a half sea­sons of noth­ing ever fuxxing resolves. It’s such a lame device used it in hor­ror all the time: the ten­sion builds and builds until the reveal of what the baddie/evil […]

*Spoilers* Man of Steel Observations *Spoilers*

Please don’t read this unless you’ve seen Man of Steel. Super­man is almost an impos­si­ble story to tell and I’m not quite sure why peo­ple keep try­ing. He can’t be harmed and his one weak­ness is laugh­able. At least the film got it right by leav­ing out all men­tions of Kryp­tonite, but then how do you […]

HMV and Blockbuster and the non-shock of their administration

I’m not quite sure why any­one is sur­prised by HMV going into admin­is­tra­tion. They occupy prime loca­tions in cities through­out the UK with these cav­ernous shops that are noth­ing more than ware­houses with peo­ple wan­der­ing about on a lunch hour, after work or when bored on week­ends. There is sim­ply no need at all for […]

Homeland Jumped The Shark *Spoilers*

*This post con­tains plot spoil­ers for Home­land Sea­son 2* You know, I really liked the premise of Home­land; seaon one was great — full of ten­sion, Carrie’s psy­chosis and Saul’s world weary caught in the mid­dle focus on his job to the utter detri­ment of his per­sonal life. How­ever the char­ac­ter of Brody never sat well […]

Just Giving and Top Tips for Raising Money

Doing spon­sored deeds for char­ity has come a long way from bad­ger­ing neigh­bours to pledge a few pen­nies per lap of a swim­ming pool. From sky­div­ing through to abseil­ing, climb­ing a moun­tain and rock­ing the f*** out, peo­ple have com­pletely altered their approach to char­ity and ensure that they’re in it for them­selves and the […]

Tracey Emin — Queen Portrait

The work of Tracey Emin has long been the focal point of every­thing that is wrong with mod­ern art. Nigh on every­thing she does is utter bull­shit. The thing is, every­one in the UK knows this so why does she still get talked about, is allowed to be exhib­ited and gets com­mis­sioned for future work? […]

Homeland Season Finale *Spoilers*

Home­land fin­ished last night and yet again it showed how Amer­i­can execs can mess up really strong story arcs when choos­ing to com­mis­sion a sec­ond sea­son. For the first few episodes every­thing worked really well, peo­ple enjoyed guess­ing the is-he-isn’t-he and the duplic­ity along­side the build­ing of an immi­nent ter­ror­ist threat. Then it all started […]

ITV Titanic Episode Three and Marks & Spencer Advert

I swore I wouldn’t return to the wreck that is ITV’s Titanic, but after a ses­sion on Dice’s bro­ken Bat­tle­field 3 and being late to Home­land, I thought why not. So this week, we’re with the shady man from the pre­vi­ous episode who we learn is a wanted crim­i­nal plus Annie and the Ital­ian waiter […]

ITV Titanic Episode 2 Review

Right, it’s week two of ITV Titanic and coin­ci­den­tally, the 148th con­sec­u­tive week in which has ITV failed to enter­tain the nation. Last week was pretty poor start, but as with so much in life, the first time can be writ­ten off as the show sim­ply find­ing its feet try­ing to live up to the […]

ITV Titanic Review

It’s been a way too long day run­ning after clients and while I was hop­ing to blog about “The Tele­vi­sion Event of 2012 — Fuck No” I’m just way too tired to take it seri­ously (or add pics atm). So in the same vein (vain, weather vane) as The Guardian’s Minute By Minute here is […]