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There’s a boy that joined my class two days ago. His name is Jevon. He is an ass­burger. We often have chats that make lit­tle sense. In my mind, he talks like Mr. Smith from The Matrix. This con­ver­sa­tion took place in Chi­nese, bar the exple­tive, whilst I was teach­ing the rest of the class […]

Ray Bronson, Book Report

Ray Bron­son was sat down­stairs hav­ing gone through the entire Sun­day after­noon spent star­ing at a glow­ing screen in noth­ing more than his pants. He was bored and not even a triple billing of Heli­copters VS Snakes was going to help. So, up he got and trun­dled aim­lessly into the kitchen. Being only 5 years […]

Ray Bronson, Liar Extraordinaire!

Once upon a when, there lived a lit­tle rap­scal­lion named Ray. As you are no doubt aware, there has never been a well behaved boy or man called Ray. Ray liked to lie a lot, which was bad at the best of times but one day was really, really bad. At school, his teacher, Mrs […]