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Good Clips

Just a series of clips, that I might write about later, that really shocked or amazed me. The first from an episode of the excep­tional Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Com­plex 2nd Gig: I’ve always liked those twist moments, when out of nowhere comes a bolt of awe­some that just makes you smile. It’s […]

Angry Panda

[wp_campaign_1] Some­times, or always, when I can’t find some­thing like my keys or wal­let I grow so incred­i­bly angry that I want to break every­thing in my house, espe­cially the object I can’t find think­ing that it has some­how become sen­tient and pur­pose­fully hid­den itself as to avoid detec­tion and incur my wrath. But once […]